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Who We Are

At Encompass, our goal is to develop and implement custom solutions specifically tailored for small to medium business needs. With a particular niche in strategic marketing and product design, our team aims to provide an end-to-end solution to bring your idea to life. Our experience with small business challenges makes us a valuable asset when looking to overcome yours.


Our Process

  • Get To Know You

    We take the time to learn about your business and understand your challenges. The more we understand about where you’re headed and what your goals are, the more effectively we can identify areas in which we can help.

  • Integrate Ourselves

    We integrate ourselves into your business to become an extension of you. Think of us as an employee but with more experience, knowledge, and value. No training required.

  • Help You Reach Your Goals

    Whether we act as an outside consultant to provide objective guidance, or get our hands dirty with helping you grow your business, we’re always here to assist you in any way we can.  


Our Executive Team

Declan Dinnadge

Declan against stone wall

One of the hardest things about summaries is attempting to convince the person reading it that you’re good at something, while making sure they read far enough to understand why you’re good at it.

I started developing my skills at 15, when I managed an automotive detailing shop that involved overseeing several employees and dealing with hundreds of customers who became regulars based on the quality of work that came out of the bay doors.

During my past experience with companies such as VRX Simulators, I have built relationships with some of the biggest brands in their respective industries, such as Microsoft, Intel, Breitling, and Autodesk. By diversifying the company’s service offerings, restructuring the product line to focus on the most profitable products, redefining the brand, and adjusting the company’s operations, we were able to focus on gaining new customers and had doubled our revenue each year for the past three years.

Let’s talk about ways we can help you.

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Stuart Bryson

Stuart against stone wall

Born on the Saanich Peninsula and raised on the family farm, I developed skills in designing simple and practical solutions for everyday problems. I attended Camosun College, studying Mechanical Engineering Technology, proceeding to work in the simulation industry designing and developing custom, cutting edge, high fidelity motion simulators while ensuring excellent customer satisfaction in the racing, flight, sports, and entertainment industries.

Since working for small and medium businesses, I understand the desire for lean, efficient and straightforward designs to build a product line successfully. In my free time, I spend time working on the family farm and volunteering with the Local 4-H.

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